Sunday, May 07, 2006

Recce Douglas

  • Age:13

  • Home town: Plymouth UK

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    Reece is a crazy little kid that is buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. He is only 13 and he has a real natural talent on a skateboard. He has a lot of confidence both on and off of his skateboard.

    Last summer Reece went to the point x camp in California where he skated and competed with some of the top American kids, it was a good experience for him to skate along side the Americans, it was inspirational as he felt pushed to progress.
    Soon he is going back to the USA, this time to Woodward Camp to once again to skate and compete with the Americans.
    In America they put a lot of money in to skateboarding. the skate facilities that they have are second to none and it shows when you see the standard of the American skaters. For this reason I think that it is great that Reece has the opportunity to skateboard state side. This summer he has been back to the USA. this time he went to Woodward camp and had the oppertunity to skate with the likes of neal hendrix, mike frasier, benjii
    gallaway and steve caballero.
    In the UK he follows the vert and bowl tours.
    Reece was an invited skater at the Sprite Urban Games where he skated along side a handful of top skateboarders from around the globe.



  • newquay boardmasters 07 under 16s: 6th

  • woodward west vert comp, usa: 3rd place august 2007

  • the independent vert series, part 2, Blackpool, 7th place April 2007

  • the independent vert series, part 1, Mount hawk: 3rd place febuary 2007

  • Birmingham blocless combat bowl: 3rd place. in the vert: 10th place august 2006

  • Bude skate classic, mini ramp: 2nd place July 2006

  • Point X camp A group, street: 3rd place July 2006

  • Penzance concrete carnival: 2nd place August 2006

  • Mount hawke vert comp: 6th place January 2006

  • Domain skate comp: 3rd place September 2005

  • Reece Douglas is one of the new breed of rippers that skate at Mount Hawke vert ramp.
    Its been my pleasure to help him out lately with trick tips and loud verbal encouragement!
    Reece soaks up words of wisdom from the older guys like a sponge and he bounces like a rubber ball when he slams!
    A talented young grommet with a bright future ahead of him.
    If Reece keeps progressing at hyperspeed he will be an all terrain skate and snow terrorist!

    Writen by Mark Trawler.(Pro vert skater)

    Photography by Dan Pratley email: and Adam Gibbard
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